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Business intelligence

for property developers

Stay one step ahead of your customers by knowing what they want

InSite Logic is website software for property developers and project marketers, which monitors your prospective buyer’s journey. InSite Logic highlights buyer opportunities to support your sales team and has proven to increase their sales conversions by 30%.

By applying a unique “propensity to buy” rating to each prospect, InSite Logic captures buying signals at the crucial moment. Turn visitors into leads, and leads into sales, just by having visibility to the right information at the right time.

InSite Logic is a multi-faceted tool. The sales team, marketing and management all use it differently and each department receives their own benefits from it.

Brown Property Group

Monitor prospective buyers

  • Find out who’s visiting your website
  • Find out what they’re looking for
  • Find out when they’re getting close to buying

Who… What… When…  

Who… What… When…  

Who… What… When…  

Who… What… When…  

Who… What… When…  

Who… What… When…  

Measure engagement with sophisticated website analytics

InSite Logic provides a higher level of website activity reporting than anything else on the market for property developers.

Increase sales turnover

Businesses using InSite Logic’s unique algorithm which tracks and reports on a prospect’s buying signals, have recorded an improvement in conversion from prospects to sales of over 30%.

Develop a profitable sales pipeline

Know where your customers are in their buying journey. Make informed decisions about when and what to market to your prospects to maximise the possibility of a sale.

Improve your marketing ROI

Reduce your marketing spend and increase sales with extensive reports and analytics that compare actual sales against marketing expenditure.

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