What is InSite?

InSite is a bespoke program which monitors customers interactions with your website. It identifies each visitor, their activity and uses a patented algorithm to advise you of their propensity to buy.

Adaptable and user-friendly, its data on unique visitors gives your sales team an edge no other programme can match in converting qualified leads. InSite works seamlessly with your existing interactive website and integrates with your CRM, its more than just a sales tool. It measures sources of incoming traffic, manages your eDM campaigning and tracking, and provides ROI analytics to inform and guide your marketing decisions.

icon-unique-visitorTurn your Unique Visitors into qualified leads
Over 90%* of all enquiry will visit your website. By adding InSite tracking to your website you will be able to personalise, prioritise and qualify these unique leads assisting in a quicker sales conversion.

icon-salesIncrease your Sales
InSite’s star rating algorithm has seen enquiry to sales conversion rates improve 30-40%* and more for developments using the system.

icon-optimiseBetter your Marketing Expenditure
Through more effective lead generation and sales conversion, InSite can reduce your targeted marketing investment while increasing sales.

icon-marketingOptimise your Product Mix
By measuring user website engagement, InSite allows you to quickly determine the product most appealing to their buyers.