Let’s Talk… 2018

Undertake test-and-learn initiatives and dare to take risks. Map out the year’s objectives. Quickly become indispensable to critical business partners. Embrace new technology (or go the way of Kodak). Improve the digital experience for customers. 

These were just some of the recommendations yielded by our first “Let’s Talk…” feature for 2018, which posed the following question to two dozen thought leaders…

“How can businesses shake off the holiday cobwebs and kick off the year with a bang?”

Read on for further guidance from this week’s Let’s talk…” lineup:

David Stewart, Managing Director, InSite Logic: “The New Year often provides new opportunities, especially for the growing businesses.

“If possible identify your prospect opportunities late in the previous year so you can start new at the beginning of the new year. A good start would be clients you have recently been unsuccessful with, providing new offerings or opportunity and a fresh approach. Then target clients you do not already have a relationship with, provide brand and product information and contact directly. The new year is amazing how businesses use to refocus and look at new opportunities, potentially including your product.

“Your existing clients also cannot be forgotten, keep the relationship strong and see if there is opportunity to grow that account as well. Connecting with existing and offering new exciting products or options is also an opportunity to grow your business, as well as ensuring continual business.”

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