What is InSite?

InSite is a bespoke web based program that monitors your customer interaction within your website, then provides detail on:

The Individual – Their Activity – Their Intention and propensity to buy.

This allows your sales team the best opportunity to sell. InSite is a sales tool like no other, it works with your current interactive website and CRM to provide detailed data on your unique visitors that assists to convert to qualified leads.

InSite is not only a sales tools but includes other functionality: It measures your incoming traffic source, manages your eDM campaigning and tracking as well as providing vital ROI analytics that will assist with monitoring marketing budgets. InSite will even highlight where your marketing dollar is best spent.

icon-unique-visitorTurn your Unique Visitors into qualified leads
Over 90%* of all enquiry will visit your website. By adding InSite tracking to your website you will be able to personalise, prioritise and qualify these unique leads assisting in a quicker sales conversion.

icon-salesIncrease your Sales
InSite’s star rating algorithm has seen enquiry to sales conversion rates improve 30-40%* and more for developments using the system.

icon-optimiseBetter your Marketing Expenditure
Through more effective lead generation and sales conversion, InSite can reduce your targeted marketing investment while increasing sales.

icon-marketingOptimise your Product Mix
By measuring user website engagement, InSite allows you to quickly determine the product most appealing to their buyers.